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Thursday, November 23, 2006

2006 Singapore Invitational Challenge

Top three drivers of 2006 Singapore Invitational Challenge

8th Scale Buggy
1 Glenn Phuah / Singapore / Xray / RB
2 Ah-M / Singapore / HongNor / STS
3 Andri Hartanto / Indonesia / Sacker / Engine

GP Truggy
1 Andri Hartanto / Indonesia / HongNor
2 Craig Laughton / Australia / HPI
3 Ah Leng / Singapore / HPI

10th Scale GP ISTC
1 Philip Lee / Singapore / Kyosho / Sirio
2 Teddy Syach / Indonesia / Team Magic / JP
3 Erwin Luhur / Singapore / Kyosho / OS

8th Scale GP IC on-road
1 Nelson Lee / Singapore / Mugen / Ninja
2 Suruth / Thailand / Serpent / Max
3 Desmond Lam / Malaysia / Motonica / Engine

10th Scale EP ISTC
1 Alvin Koh / Singapore / Tamiya / Novak / Plutonium
2 Ong Chee Yong / Malaysia / Tamiya / Novak / SMC
3 Nicholas Lee / Singapore / Associated / Novak / Reedy

Monday, November 06, 2006

Final Results

A Main Final

B Main Final


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Event Banner & Final Heat List

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Final Time Table & Marshall Positions

Monday, October 02, 2006

Challenge 3 - Stage 2 Report

Close Tire

This event is a "Closed Tire" event as previously announced and here are the details:

  • Brand: Team Sorex
  • Rim: Dish
  • Insert: Type C Medium Inserts
  • Tire: 40R

They shall be clearly marked for scrutineering.

  1. For testing at your own expense, the above is available from either the Main Distributor Tai Sing or their local agent hobby shops, at normal retail price.
  2. For the event, a set of 4 pieces of Rim / Insert / Tire (RIT) shall be;
    • Sold at the track from 8:30 am till noon on Saturday (28th October 2006) and Sunday (29th October 2006) ONLY.
    • Each set of RIT shall be sold at $40 - for 4 pieces of rims, inserts & tires.
    • Each participant can purchase no more than 5 sets - participants are NOT required to buy up all 5 sets if they do not wish to.
    • It is complusory to use these RIT sets sold on 28th & 29th October 2006, for all Heats and Finals of this event.
    • The RIT items are marked and shall be subject to inspection as the Organizer sees fit.
    • We will be doing 3 runs for the A Main Finalists, therefore they are allowed to purchase an additional 2 sets of RIT if they so wished to.
  3. It is the responsibility of the participant to securely glue the RITs on their own.
  4. The Organizers reserves the right to cut the tire for inspection, the participant will then be replace with a Rim & Tire without charge. However, in the unfortunate circumstance that the "cut" inspection found a change in the Insert, the participant shall not receive a replacement Rim & Tire and shall be disqualified from the event with no retund whatsoever.
    • It is certain, that the top three finishes in all the three runs of the A Main, will have their tires "cut" inspected.
  5. If you have any queries, please email


Thanks to Stargek, for their support, they have pledged a nice list of items for Lucky Draw. Now it does seem like you will surely get more than what you pay for the race, isn't it. The list includes a TT01, a TB01 kit, etc.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Latest Announcements

First and foremost, HPI Japan has confirmed their support for this event as the Sole Main Sponsor. We would like to express our gratitude to their support and participation.

But that is not all, HPI Japan has also confirmed the following: One XMODS kit for each driver. And Lucky Draw prizes consisting of the following:

  • Lightning GT 10
  • Hellfire SS
  • Lightning Stadium 10
  • Lightning 10
  • Cyclone S

HPI Japan have also confirmed the participation of Simon Feigl (aka F Alonso in from Australia Team HB driver to this event.

We also have Toykar who had confirmed their sponsorship of a Kyosho TF5 kit for the Lucky Draw.

However, all these prizes and sponsorships does not make a great event ... YOU, fellow hobbyists, your support and participation is what the event needs to make a great event.

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